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Dentures & Partials

A full set of teeth isn’t just esthetically appealing, it’s crucial for good oral and overall health. Studies show that people with complete smiles live longer than those with missing teeth. As a specialist in restoring and replacing teeth, Dr. Presser understands the unique needs of denture wearers. He designs custom dentures that look natural and renew comfortable function.

Full Dentures Restore Strong Smiles

Full dentures are a good choice for patients who have lost all or most of their teeth. Man-made replacement teeth set in a gum-colored base restore full upper and/or lower rows of teeth to give patients healthy, complete smiles. Dr. Presser will design your dentures to fit the contours of our mouth and recreate your natural smile. Most likely, natural suction or over-the-counter adhesive will secure your dentures, although the doctor may recommend conventional dental implants or mini dental implants to hold your teeth in place.

Partial Dentures Fill Gaps for Healthy Smiles

A partial denture contains prosthetic teeth to fill gaps left by missing teeth. Think of a partial as the final piece of the puzzle to complete your smile. We’ll create your partial from natural-looking materials that provide outstanding durability and longevity. Partials are held in place with unobtrusive clasps that attach to healthy neighboring teeth. Dental implant-supported partials are also available.

The difference is in the details.
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